LMIR’s rights sank today. It gapped down, touching an intraday low of 4.4c before closing at 4.6c. Is it going to sink further tomorrow?

Thus far, I have only discussed LMIR’s rights issue from the perspective of its fundamentals. What about a TA? For seasoned and orthodox practitioners of technical analysis, they will say that it is impossible to do a TA on this counter with only three sessions so far.

As I am neither seasoned nor orthodox, I have in the past done TA on such counters. One that comes to mind is Sabana REIT during its IPO days. So, for anyone who might be interested, here is my TA on LMIR’s rights.

Trading volume has been on the rise as three black candles were formed. This bearish tone is reinforced by the gap down in price today. Although price averted closing at the day’s low, it did not close …