today is my usual scheduled monthly life insurance training open to all of my company’s advisors.

and for today, i have chosen to focus on the only 2 products that provides guaranteed protection* even while the child is in the mother’s womb. yes, i’m referring to:

a. prudential prufirst gift and
b. axa mum’s advantage/mum’s advantage plus.

in june 2010, prudential was the very first insurer to launch singapore’s first and only plan, prufirst gift to offer guaranteed protection* even before the child is born.

and in november 2011, axa life followed up with their launch of an almost similar proposition, axa mum’s advantage/mum’s advantage plus.

*terms and conditons apply

my monthly life insurance training has the dual objectives of equipping our company’s advisors with the insights of the latest happenings in the insurance industry and comprehensive product knowledge as well.

my comments:

during the course of my training, …