in my last blog entry a couple of days ago, i expounded on the chief reason (after speaking to many tied agents and advisors) being money no enough as to why consumers in our tiny red dot nation are generally under-insured.

and lo and behold, in today’s edition of the straits times, there is a special report focusing on those that are really living from hand-to-mouth in our society titled, “running on empty”.

the 74 page report by the Lien Centre for Social Innovation at the Singapore Management University acknowledges that basic social needs such as food, clothing and shelter are met through direct government action and non-governmental social service organisations but there will always be unmet needs of which i count being insured to be one of these needs.

my comments:

the straits times report mentioned mr ang seng hwee, 65 and his wife, madam lee siew moi, 53 …