Olympus was hit by accounting scandal. Unlike MF Global, Olympus did not filed for bankruptcy. It hid its debts for many years but its business is still afloat. Being the world’s largest endoscope maker, the company still has a foothold in the market. I see this as a temporary problem and it would turn around eventually. The risk of delisting still exists unless Olympus can report its financials before 14 Dec 2011.

Trading Results:

Open trades:
Olympus – Bought 740.4, now 1022.4 (+38.1%)
Devon Energy – Sold $65.53, now $61.94 (+5.5%)
Hang Seng Index – Sold 18970, now  18097 (+4.6%)

Closed trades:
[Closed] Agricultural Bank of China – Sold $3.39, bought $3.23 (+4.7%)
[Closed] BOC Hong Kong – Sold $17.60, bought $16.90 (+4.0%)
[Closed] Chevron – Sold $101.33, bought $97.26 (+4.0%)
[Closed] Cathay Pacific …