Singapore Post, a favorite income yield stock amongst income investor have fallen off from a stable price range. Is this an opportunity to accumulate or is there something wrong with the company?

SingPost: Income yield opportunity or deteriorating fundamentals” 20111209%20singapore%20post%20yield

For a yield stock that was so stable at $1.10 it fallen down to $1.00 and now another free fall. Honestly I think the price should hold at $0.93 region and it shouldn’t fall to the next possible support at $0.84.

Yield looks attractive

Make no mistake people like SingPost because they think that it is a mature business that provides very predictable free cash flow which in turn, pays out a decent yield.

In summary, good yield for low risk, basically like a safe bond.

  1. At $1.10 > Yield is 5.6%
  2. $1.00 > 6.25%
  3. $0.95 > 6.50%
  4. $0.85 > 7.30%

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