Just for Thinking

But, I tell you who doesn’t lose money in the market. There are two groups of people who don’t lose money in the market.

No 1: You turn to daily newspaper ads on investment and trading courses.You will find them. Some will admit that they have lost money; but after going up to the high mountain somewhere, the Mountain God or Goddess have imparted to them some magical powers or weapons that they no longer lose money in the market. They can slaughter the Demons of the market at their will and they have set up altars for you to worship them by parting some of your hard earned money of course and not by mere token donations. Respect, respect, respect hor!

No 2: You often hear them at forums, cboxes, and in the cyber space, the Hoalian royal patron of KopiTIAM and BreadTALK. …