Reflection on 2011

After doing my end of month accounting for the Dec 2011 and thus wrap up my financial year 2011, I realised that a lot of my networth was wiped out. Okay, everyone’s definition of networth is different, so here’s mine – it’s defined as all my assets (includes cash, marked to market investment portfolio, whole life insurance cash value, mmf  and cpf) but excludes my residential property. I also didn’t include debts that I owed to the hdb because of the property. I think you can roughly say that’s my investible networth since most of it is cash that I can utilize at short notice. I know you can’t use cpf anytime you want, but then again, I don’t have much of it anyway, so it doesn’t matter significantly.

With this kind of definition, I realised that my networth is whacked down to around 2008, way before I had started any kind …

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