Despite the events in Greece and Portugal, US and European markets are climbing. The DOW is testing 2008 resistance while the Nasdaq is testing the resistance before the internet bubble. All the above IS bullish.

In intermarket analysis, I tend to take note of all sorts of data as many as possible? Are the following important?

·         Have you been noticing the BDI?

·         Have you been following the GDP data reporting lately? As of date, 13 countries have reported negative QoQ GDP data! Portugal, Italy, Spain, UK, Taiwan, Indonesia just to name a few.

One of the above may be experiencing a technical recession, which is two quarters of negative growth! Amidst the above, equity markets are still climbing. Of course, i am not surprised.

On a separate matter, what should investors do now? For those who had been

·         Watching, should we start buying now?