As I am now house hunting for my own residence, I dived into the housing market and discovered that it had a lingo all of its own. There were so many abbreviations thrown around that I feel HDB should compile a dictionary to help first time home seekers understand what is going own.

After hours of research, I decided to post my work for my future reference and perhaps hope it helps other apprehensive first timers as well.

First and foremost, HDB flat types:

2 bedroom flat
Consists of 1 bedroom, kitchen, living room with 2 versions
2 ‘I’ (Improved) & 2 ‘S’ (Standard)

3 bedroom flat
Consists of 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room with more than half a dozen versions
– 3 ‘A’ (Modified)
– 3 ‘NG’ (Modified)
– 3 ‘A’
– 3 ‘NG’ (New Generation)
– 3 ‘I’ (Modified)
– 3 ‘S’ (Simplified)
– 3 ‘I’ (Improved)
– …