Last week, Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) released results for Q2 2012 end Dec 31, 2011. Results were fantastic with strong sales generated by large scale commercial events and Chinese New Year. GAB is a producer  of beer and stout, with a portfolio of famous brands such as Guinness, Tiger, Heineken, Anchor, Kilkenny etc.

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Guinness Anchor Berhad Q2 2012 Financial Results

Q2 Revenue increased by 11% to RM 468.3 mil

Q2 Net Profit increased by 1.9% from RM 64.6 mil to RM 65.8 mil

YTD Q2 Revenue increased by 15.8% to RM 912.9 mil

YTD Q2 Net Profit increased by 17% to RM 121 mil

YTD Q2 EPS increased from 34.2 to 40.2

Guinness Anchor Berhad Q2 2012 Operational Results

According to GAB Managing Director Charles Ireland, GAB will continue to focus on domestic market and as such export volume may suffer. However, the domestic …