A good read news from Channel News Asia :P

Singapore property prices is still low and affordable with good rental yields.

A 2 room BTO HDB flat only cost $100K and after grants only cost $40K. Even someone earning $1K a month can afford to buy one. After he buys, the resale value can easily rise to $200K after MOP. He is in the money by 5 times the initial cost of $40K. This is Singapore, a compassionate country, a dream home for many immigrants from all over the world, esp from the region.

If you look at the resale flats, they are also cheap. Why? Just look at the rentals you can fetch. A 5 room HDB flat can easily fetch rental of about $3K a month or $36K a year. This is a yield of 6.7% and if you take HDB loan of 2.6% per annum …