It has not been an active month for March. I have added a couple of small lots for MapleTree Industrial and Boustead through my SCB account and will probably add more to this in the coming months ahead.

Looking forward to dividends flowing in April and May :)

No.of LotsAverage PriceTotal Value (SGD)Dividends collected to date (SGD)

101.4314,300.00255.00 YangZiJiang61.498,940.00360.00ST Engineering82.8222,590.400.00SATS32.397,181.70510.00CapMall Trust11.7051,705.000.00Fraser Centerpoint Trust101.45014,500.000.00First Reit60.8004,800.000.00PLife Reit61.7810,680.000.00MapleTree Industrial Reit11.111,110.000.00Boustead20.8551,710.000.00Unit Trusts–4,800.000.00   92,317.101,125.00

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