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My friend liked my spreadsheets a lot and was wondering how one of his favorite stocks would do for the past years.

So I did up my spreadsheet to see what would your returns be if you have held since 2002.

Yongnam–What if you held it since 2002? 20120405%20yongnam

Yongnam–What if you held it since 2002? 20120404%20yongnam%20chart

Yongnam have always been a stalwart in Singapore’s construction scene but the construction industry too a really bad dive in the 2001 and 2002 period. I still remember how construction completely dried up due to HDB taking a different stance as in the past they would just build and build and build flats, they decide to shift to a BTO concept.

In its deepest draw down, the price fluctuate at $0.02 to $0.03 cents. It would have been a great pickup on the hindsight. Back then, I frequent forums in Fundsupermart a lot and there is one forumer who kept selling what a great play Yongnam was …