Here is an article by the Sunday Times which I found to be interesting.

The owner of Foord Asset Management, Mr Dave Foord, believes in investing for the long term so compound interest can work its magic.

‘Everybody can gain financial independence within 25 to 35 years,’ he said.

‘It’s possible to save and make money. The hardest part is the first 10 years to get enough capital.’

With that capital, it will take an increasingly shorter time to double your money thereafter, said Mr Foord.

The problem for most people is discipline, added the Zimbabwe- born British citizen. ‘As you earn, you tend to spend more. So, the most important thing to control is your lifestyle.’

Mr Foord, 59, is now living off the dividends from his investments and living the life of his dreams.

Home over the past 12 years has mostly been a boat, which …