Looks like 3 HDB units just got sold at the $900k mark and the psychological barrier of $1m is inching closer. Many analyst give their 2 cents to say it is an exception and unique circumstances, rather than the norm, ya da ya da..

Regardless, it looks set that $1m is probably going to be hit in the next 1-2 years. Wonder if it is fair to become millionaires from government subsidized public housing.

Anyhow, who is going to be the 3 famous people?
– Huh, what are you talking about?

Basically, every single news agency and blogger out there is going to want to write about the buyer, the seller and the agent who closed that first $1m dollar deal!

So, I was thinking, why don’t we work together, I sell my house at market rate, say $800k, you buy from me at that agreed price. But we declare …