Marc Faber: Dividend Stocks provides cash flow but you need to reinvest well marcfaber1

For all the doom, gloom that Marc Faber usually paints, he does believe that certain areas will bloom. Many do not know that he is pretty big on emerging market equities that generate good cash flows.

In Singapore some of the stocks he owns are Starhub, K-REIT and Suntec REIT.

I came  across this transcript where he discusses the current investing climate with Jim Puplava (Mar 2012) [Read Transcript here]. In this article, Jim was discussing with Mark whether dividend investing has a place in today’s investing climate and this is Mark’s reply:

Well, you see, I’m an advocate of investments that generate free cash flow. In other words, you invest in something and every year you get, after all expenditures, some money in the form of interest payments or in the form of dividends. And that allows you a lot of flexibility because if you have all your …