Warren enjoys a cherry coke

I attended a seminar by Robert Miles at Invest Fair 2012 that was held on 8th April 2012. Robert Miles “is an internationally acclaimed keynote presenter, author and distinguished authority on Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway” (extracted from Invest Fair 2012 site). His talk was entitled: “New at Warren Buffett’s Investment Holding Company: How It Can Super Charge Your Portfolio”.

I will summarise his talk below. My own views are stated in brackets:

  • Only 5% of the world’s investors follow Warren Buffett’s value investing style. (This presents a huge opportunity for those following the value investing methodology during a crisis. I quote an observation by Seth Klarman, the author of Margin of Safety, “So if the entire country became security analysts, memorized Benjamin Graham’s Intelligent Investor and regularly attended …