Here we go again; it is just like in September and December last year. Quarterly reporting is ending and there seems to be no improvement from Europe side. Fear is returning and investors are quick to shift their money to safer assets. “Sell in May” is true for year 2012.

Interest in micro-penny stocks is also dwindling. I have completely stopped trading on such stocks by end last week.

My ‘Going for Growth’ portfolio is now about 80% cash as I have closed most Long positions since end Apr (see my previous post on Apr 24) when I realised risk-reward is no longer favourable. I will revisit those stocks again, probably in June, or when their prices have slid back to their respective lows in Dec 2011.

Some companies have also reported slower profit growth or surprise loses and have disappointed the market, like Wilmar, SIA and Genting Sp. I reckon there will not be much to look forward to for Wilmar and SIA for the next 3-6 months after their recent results, although their share prices look ‘cheap’.

I am still trading a couple of REITs counters, such as my favourites CMT, A-REIT and MIT.

I have recently added some OCC 5.1% NCPS, ST Engg and Second Chance shares to my defensive portfolio.

Starhub is the ‘darling’ at the moment – still trading at an all-time high despite ‘going XD’ recently. Unfortunately, I do not have as I have always been waiting for the prices to slide more.

Keppel Corp: Will it go below $10 again? If it does, it could turn out to be an attractive ‘growth + yield’ play.


A full time investors/traders who specialised in Singapore equity market.
Started trading part-time in 1999; turned full-time in 2003.

Mostly suffered losses in the early days of trading, until the breakthrough during the bull-run from 2006-2008. Fortunately, for some prudent money management, the sharp decline in 2008/2009 did little damages to my portfolio and at the same time, presented a great buying opportunity for quality stocks.