How Much Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty Do You Need to Pay?

By Mr. Propwise

I recently attended an interesting talk by a Real Estate lawyer who went into the technical details of the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) that many of us would not know well. In this article I will share some of what I learnt. However, I am not a lawyer and cannot guarantee the accuracy of everything that I’ve shared. Please treat it only as a guide – if you are looking to buy a property please seek competent legal advice. The below may contain some errors – so if you’re a lawyer or real estate professional please email me at if you spot any.

How well do your know your co-investor?

One of the common areas of confusion is on the applicability of the ABSD when buying a property with a co-investor. In general, the highest ABSD that would be levied on any one of …