The Year 2011 was indeed a difficult year for the financial markets. We had the earthquake, tsunami, US credit rating and Europe issues, etc.

To cushion the fall in 2011 Q3, major economies intervened. The effects started to materialise in late 2011 Q4 as it takes time. Most of 2012 Q1 rally was spanned by the massive pumping of liquidity from major economies not forgetting from Japan and TWO (2) LTROs from Europe!

Amidst the rally in 2012 Q1, most of you who followed my posts would have realised the rally could not last as explained in buy HIGH sell LOW! Following which, Economic data starts to weaken…

The‘Risk ON’ tap was shut. Risk OFF was then laid on the table. As you probably know, this was triggered after the US data released in May 2012 coupled with several elections in Europe. Henceforth, most data released from Japan, China and Europe not forgetting the US starts to deteriorate. This coincided with ‘Sell in May and Go away’.

Where did all the money go? …….

Hence, we will have to wait until …….

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