Sat, July 7, 2012, ST

Sleepless. he had gone to the casino one night in Jun 2010. He won $1,000 that night and another $1,000 the following day. On the third day, he won $70,000 and “it changed my life, he recalled.

But his winning streak quickly turned into a long run of losses, and soon, he was steeped in debt, owing $70,000 to banks, money-lenders, friends, distant relatives and family members.


Sometime in life, our easy and big winning may not turn out to be a good thing; but may one day come back to haunt us even more.

In 2007, I bet big and won big. Of course, I thought I finally discovered the Secret of making money in the stock market and become rich from stocks.

Feb 07: $36K
May 07: $23K
Jul 07: $28K
Oct 07: $16K

Lowest win was $2.6K

But in 2008 I lost all …