This is the 2012 edition of our ever-popular list of 100 best-paying jobs in Singapore.

The Ministry of Manpower has just released Report on Wages in Singapore 2011 (released 29 June 2012). We use the wage data in this report to generate our Top 100 Jobs ranking table.

The MOM wage data exclude bonuses and profit sharing. You may also wish to note that “(t)he wages for certain occupations, especially those where performance-based bonuses constitute a significant portion of total wage, would be lower than expected. Examples of such occupations are brokers, dealers and senior management staff.”

Without further ado, we present the top 100 best-paying jobs in Singapore. The wage numbers are the third-quartile monthly gross wages.

  1. Managing director/ Chief executive officer – $29,102
  2. Foreign exchange dealer/ Broker – $22,302
  3. Marketing and sales representative (institutional sales of financial products) – $20,834
  4. Trade broker (including oil and bunker trader) – …