After the Positive News from European Central Bank Chief that he is vowing to protect the euro, stocks shot up sharply higher in Europe and US by 1+%.

Not wanting to waste this chance of optimism, I look around my familiar ground scanning for growth stocks.

As i looked through the list of Top 20 volume in SGX website, Noble Group caught my eye with a small increase of $0.005. What was really interesting is that its share price has originally been dropping non-stop and now showing signs of turn-around!

I plugged into ChartNexus and saw that RSI was at 18.2 (Anything below 30 = oversold) and it is bouncing back to the long-term support line of $1.052.

I went to check out the Analyst Reports at Reuters and got the info below:

Much as i do not like following Analyst Reports, when none of the …