George Sorros, the man who infamously ’caused’ (as accused by a certain Former Malaysian PM) the Asian Financial Crisis in ’97. As much as people portray him as the ‘bad guy’, he is widely recognised to be a brilliant investor. In early 2008, he mentioned in his tenth book, that the coming financial crisis would be “the biggest financial crisis in his lifetime”. With that, he came out of retirement to trade for his multi-billion dollar fund, increasing his wealth while so many others lost.

In the past week, he has dumped most of his bank stocks, pouring the money mostly into Gold. Indicating that there is going to be a major shift in the market.

Consider these factors:

  1. US economic data is being hidden and held back until the elections are over.
  2. The Eurozone crisis turns 3 this year. There is so much debt and they will never be …