SmartPassiveCashFlow-Tapping on Personal Wealth

When we believe that something is possible, we will call out all our resources to support this belief. We will tap on our energy, creativity, experiences and all other resources to ‘finance’ this strong belief. Please remember that having a strong belief will enable you to reach your goals and dreams much faster and more firmly.

Of course, if you strongly disbelieve any item in your life, that item will never succeed and will never happen. Basically, you are closing off  and stopping all the resources in supporting this item and the item will naturally ‘die’ of fatigue and disappear.

Generating $10,000 per month
If you find it ridiculous to have $10,000 per month or have never believed that you can generate a passive cash flow of $10,000 per month, you will be right. Subconsciously, you will not tap on your personal potental and resources to reach this goal. And thus …