Dr. Tommy Wong will be interviewed by Eugene Loh of ‘A Slice of Life‘ discussing the book series Wisdom on How to Live Life. The programme will be aired live on Radio 938LIVE on Monday, 17 Sep 2012 from 3-4 pm (Singapore time). There will be a repeat broadcast of the programme from 4-5 am (Singapore time) on the following day.

You can listen to Radio 938LIVE here or here. Happy listening!

Tommy S. W. Wong

Dr. Wong is a civil engineer by training, and is a world-renowned hydrologist. Having lived a worldly life, he now lives spiritually in the midst of modern Singapore. For more than a decade, together with his wife, he took care of his mother and mother-in-law (both near centenarians), while working full-time and looking after his three sons.

Nowadays, he serves the world at large as a freelance engineering and personal growth consultant. He is also an editor and has authored books of four different genres: engineering, philosophy, self-help and spirituality. He is committed to bringing engineering and spiritual teachings to the world for the benefit of mankind.