IPO Booths

It will be interesting to do a correlation between the size of the IPO booths and the performance of the company after its IPO. Any takers?

I am sad to say that many IPOs were not as good as how their IPO booths looked. In fact, some of the companies have even gone bankrupt despite having one of the nicest looking IPO booths at the launch. Perhaps the glitzy booths are just a camouflage for its lack of quality.

I scan through my blog and see many S-Chips booths. I can imagine how much Singaporean investors lost from the many S-chips that were listed here in Singapore. An interesting article to read again will be confession of a S-Chip CEO in case you are a newbie to IPOs. I hope this will help you understand a bit better on why I am very wary with S-Chips. Unfortunately, these …