It is interesting for me to make that statement considering that i share with you that my first property purchase ended in a loss.

The times has changed because the rules have changed. Previously, we were unable to rent out the HDB in its entirety and the rules were pretty stringent. However, under the current rules, owners who have fulfilled certain conditions will be able to rent out their flat.
One of my closest relatives have an executive flat and the family shifted back to their parents’ place and were renting out their flat for the last 2 years. 
Imagine the rental is $2,500 a month (on the low side) x 12 = $30,000. That is a cool $30,000 a year in the pocket. They have bought the flat directly from HDB for much lower than $300,000. Nevertheless, if i use $300,000 as the cost (including interest), the yield is …