Courts Asia Limited (“Courts” or the “Company”) was previously listed in Singapore but was privatised in mid 2007 by both Baring Private Equity and Topaz Investment Worldwide. The article is here in case you need it. At that time, both the investors valued Courts at just over S$100m. 
The Company attempted to go IPO in 2010 but withdraw its listing eventually. At that time, the investors were seeking to raise $170m through the IPO.
Courts Asia lodged its prospectus with MAS recently for a listing. This time round, its has lined up a series of Cornerstone Investors such as JF Asset Management, New Silk Road Investment, Target Asset Management and Value Partners Hong Kong.
Again, this is just a preview with “off-the-cuff” comments and “back-of-envelope” kind of computations so please bear with me if there are inaccuracies as the pricing and final prospectus is not out yet. ^o