Application window for full time programs in 2013 is now open and I have completed 12 applications in the past four few weeks. It is quite disheartening that some of my schoolmates have already received interview invitations while I have not received a single response yet. Based on the information I gathered from recruitment events and my schoolmates, I managed to get a sense of the starting pay for fresh graduates.

Here is what I have so far:

Auditor at Big Four accounting firms – $2,700 – $2,900
Corporate finance at Big Four accounting firms – $3000-$3500
Operations at Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, etc – $3,750
Personal Financial Consultant at Standard Chartered Bank – $3000 (excluding commissions if any)
Singapore Management Trainee Program at Standard Chartered Bank – $3,800
Personal Banker at UOB – $2,700-$3000
Operations at UOB/DBS/OCBC – $3000-$3,500
Management Associate Program at HSBC/UOB/DBS/OCBC – $4000 …