Geo Energy Group (“Geo” or the “Company”) is a coal mining specialist company based on Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Geo own and operate coal mine and sell coal and as of 31 Dec 2011 it has proven reserves of 4.2m tonnes and probable reserves of 8.3m tonnes. The Company recorded revenue of US$69m and profit of US$14.3m in FY2011 based on its audited figures.
It is interesting to know while Sakari is in the midst of being delisted, there is another coal company trying to get listed back on SGX.
I am not going to do a detailed analysis, so once again, this is a “off-the-cuff” kind of comments.
Many Coal Companies in Indonesia?

There are many coal companies in Indonesia and I have seen quite a number trying to get listed here. However, the issue about coal in Indonesia is not about its availability but the cost of …