I received my Sep SRS account statement today.

This month is a pretty “low” month in terms of dividends received. There is only $80 received from my QAF counter. This will probably allow me to buy 2 to 3 “free loaves” of bread per month when i retire but considering that this is an interim dividend, hopefully i should get more bread soon.
This is an active month for the SRS portfolio in terms of purchases.
3 Sep – Bought 5 lots of Far East Hospitality Trust.
11 Sep – Bought 10 lots of UMS Holdings Ltd
26 Sep – Bought 10 lots of Perennial China Retail Trust
In terms of portfolio performance, it has done decently. The unrealised gain is around $7,597.12 (up 15.1%).

Performance since inception

Investment Capital – $82,875 (Including the Sep contribution)
Value of Portfolio + Cash …