In case you have not heard of, there have been recently plenty of hype (see one of them in the link below) regarding the Malaysian government intention to build a great Iskandar JB, Malaysia. The news is so hot that I can almost compare it with the hype of REITS now (wherever you’ll go to, you’ll see people asking “when is a good time to enter REITS”).

Ascendas and UEM Land set up JV to develop Iskandar Tech Park

I’ve recently went out with my ex-colleagues on property hunting in the Iskandar JB, Malaysia area. I must say that with such aggressive promotions backed from the government, developer took this opportunity to launch apartments after apartments, condos after condos and houses after houses to the public in large – which is why it makes an extremely difficult decision for investors. For some of the newly launched condos/houses, please see picture below.


Paragon …