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After SPH had announced that its Board was proposing a final dividend $0.17 per share (comprising normal dividend of $0.09 per share and a special dividend of $0.08 per share), this brings the total dividends payable to be $0.24 per share for year ending 31 August 2012. Once shareholders approve the dividend payment, my portfolio would have achieved a return of 4.64% for calendar year 2012 to date based on today’s portfolio value.

Portfolio Barely Keeping Up with Inflation

This performance just barely keeps up with inflation hovering around 4-5% and was achieved with much less trading compared to past years. 70% of the realised returns for 2012 (to-date) were from dividends and interest and capital gains were 22%.

Going forward, the challenge would be to sustain such returns without taking on too much risk. My portfolio is currently about 43% equities, 9% fixed income (corporate bonds and Singapore Government …

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