Here’s an interesting article from Ms. Sandy Kreisberg, a former adcom committee and now the founder of admission consulting firm HBSGuru, on the odds of typical applicants to the top MBA school.

Nothing is concrete, as it is in this world. But if you are one of those thinking to apply to these top MBAs school, then you should check your odds out.

Mr. Perfect
  • 750+ GMAT
  • 3.8 Grade Point Average
  • Ivy League Undergraduate Degree
  • Work experience at Goldman Sachs or McKinsey & Co.
  • Extracurricular includes alumni involvement and very active participation in an ethnic identity organization

Odds of Success
Harvard Business School: 85%
Stanford: 80%
Wharton: 90%
Tuck: 95%
Kellogg: 95%

Sandy’s Analysis: “The biggest risk this person has of not getting into HBS or Stanford is screwing up the interview, especially at HBS where the interview counts. (It does not count at Stanford in any meaningful way….