This evening, I had a short exchange with a good friend who has put his faith in my little ideas and made some good money in certain S-REITs so far. An S-REIT which he has been looking at recently is Sabana REIT but he is hesitant.

Now, I would not tell people if it is a good time to buy or to sell anything in the stock market. Regular readers know this. It is only on hindsight that we could tell if it was a good time to buy or to sell. Everyone has perfect hindsight. Not very useful, is it?

Then, how did I decide so long ago that S-REITs are where I would be putting the bulk of my investible cash? How did I know that S-REITs would perform so well? How did I pick the S-REITs that I put so much of my money in?

Want the answers? Read my past …