I was on annual leave travelling Europe for the last couple of weeks and was too busy since being back earlier this week to make any decent postings. Oh my, how much has the stock market rallied in my absence and how Olam made tremendous amount of headlines during the Nov-Dec period.
Being a  retail shareholder of Olam (vested), I received the thick bond and warrant offer booklet outlining all the details of this terribly complicated offering.
  1. 5 year bonds +
  2. 3 year European warrants and then 2 years of American style warrants +
  3. USD denominated exchange rate risk (USD down, bond coupon and maturity payment when converted to SGD down // USD down, warrants cost down, capital gain increase)
  4. Trade-ability of bonds and warrants only in 1,000 units boardlot on SGX which makes odd lots difficult to dispose of.
  5. (And in addition) Newspaper reports …