Ever since Genneva was investigated by CAD, some other firms have came in to fill the void. One such firm has been very aggressive in using telemarketing to promote their gold buyback scheme. This firm promises to give attendees $1,000 (or more) worth of vouchers just by listening to them!

Now, what kind of vouchers do they give?



As you can see, they are giving some vouchers for $50 discount for 1 gram of gold. What is this $50 when they mark up the gold at 20% to 30% compared to spot prices?

Another type of voucher entitles the holder to $400 off for some luxury bag purchase! But wait, this voucher can only be used with a minimum purchase of $1,000! I don’t even know if the bags are worth that much in the first place.

While we wait impatiently for the Do-Not-Call-List to be implemented, many …