Some of my readers have been telling me to do a “Total Net Worth” post. So, here it is. 

  1. Stocks: SGD$230k (market value on 23 Jan 2013)
  2. Insurance-Linked Product: SGD$50k lump sum (maturing in July 2014)
  3. Gold: SGD$6k (Bullion gold coins)
  4. Emergency cash savings: SGD$6k (fixed deposit)
Total Net Worth: SGD$292k

As shown above, most of my net worth is in my Singapore dividend portfolio. Currently, it is generating around SGD$1k per month on average. My portfolio consists mainly telcos and REITs. 

I have an ILP maturing next year. NTUC Income told me that I should be getting around a 6% return ($3k) on my principal sum of $50k, capital guaranteed. But I am not the type of guy that counts his chicks before they are hatched. My regular readers will remember me talking about my “Armageddon Fund” some time back. It is basically a fund that I …