The Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (ifpas) has been sued by a financial adviser, Mr Davy Goh, reports the 21st Jan 2013 edition of The Straits Times (Insurance association sued over dud MBA)

Mr Goh had won a case against ifpas for a return of his $17,000 out of the $22,000 fees for a doctorate programme from Vancouver University. He had completed his MBA in 2005. ifpas had counter-sued for the balance fee of $5,000.

Following his court victory, Mr Goh is now suing ifpas  for not doing proper checks on the MBA programme it had run jointly with another two parties.

ifpas’s current president was quoting as saying they are now seeking legal advice on pursuing the case against one of the partners and that Mr Goh’s case involves “the non-delivery of the DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) programme – not the credentials of the said university“.