Read? 10% dividend yield for 10 years? Fact or Fiction? (5)

Read? Keep your itchy hands off your CPF Investment Account!!!

Testimonial of Power of Three

Here is evidence of proof …

Uncle8888’s accumulated Yield over 11.4 years from his Kep Corp = 360% or 31.7% p.a.

and not forgetting those years of Kep Corp’s dividends accumulated in CPF OA account. All these will slowly add up. One day it will no longer be insignificant due to 2.5% compounding effect to be ignored in computing the realized gain.

See the effect of compounding interests …



Including these interests in CPF OA,
Uncle8888’s net realized gains from past years of dividends and total interests = 360% + 40% = 400% over 11 years or 35% p.a.
Do you also call Uncle8888 Value Investor?


Chun bo?