As of today 02/07/2013, i have fully liquidated all my holdings i held from last year (Biosensors & China Minzhong).

The STI and Dow Jones was unable to breach through 3,300 and 15,000 respectively and has seen going downwards more on higher volume than going upwards… (meaning people are afraid and volume of selling > volume of buying)

From the RSI at the bottom, they are at overbought levels and now heading downwards (passing down 70% level). Besides that, valuations for a lot of stocks has become quite high (>15) recently and a healthy correction is required to take it further up.

Going forward, i will be staying out of the market or even short-selling it through CFDs until the market becomes more rosy for undervalued buys.

Nevertheless, with all the world economies stable and growing in the future, i believe we are in the midst of a BULL market …