Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust IPO–Good Buy? festival walk

One of the biggest IPO in recent times is coming soon in Mapletree’s Greater China Commerical Trust (MGCCT)

The prospectus is out.

MGCCT Prospectus | Read it here

A total of 776 mil units are on offer, with 511 mil designated to cornerstone investors and 265 mil for the public.

Here is a rough time table (not confirm yet)

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Greater China

The mandate of this trust is to invest in income producing real estate in Greater China. This would include:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Beijing – 1st tier city
  3. Shanghai – 1st tier city
  4. Guangzhou – 1st tier city
  5. Shenzhen – 1st tier city
  6. Chengdu – 2nd tier city
  7. Chongqing – 2nd tier city
  8. Foshan – 2nd tier city
  9. Hangzhou – 2nd tier city
  10. Nanjing – 2nd tier city
  11. Suzhou – 2nd tier city
  12. Tianjin – 2nd tier city
  13. Wuhan – 2nd tier city
  14. Xi-an – 2nd tier city

That does provide …