Markets are getting a bit bullish and many are thinking of deploying cash. If there is nothing attractive, perhaps don’t force putting money in (unless you are investing in a long term equity/bond allocation in which case you should be discipline)

Moderating your future expectations… Hulbert+Nasdaq+Sentiment

Hulbert, who tracks a group of newsletter writers are indicating that there aren’t many that are bears out there. Not a definite indicator of things, but it is usually enough to get you wary.

Moderating your future expectations… Retail+Cash+Allocations

Retail investors cash allocations are low indicating that a lack of volatility have been good for the markets.

We are not talking about the bear coming or bull cannot continue, but its always good to check your emotions and think rationally.

This market may have more legs, but if you are picking assets, think about the value and compare assets across the board.

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