Although its latest quarterly report does not inspire much confidence, fundamentally, this should be a sound business in the longer run.

China is bent on improving its infrastructure, including the improving of sanitation and increasing the availability of clean water supply. Sound Global is a logical beneficiary.

In the shorter term, however, it would be reasonable to expect margin squeeze and higher finance cost which would be a drag on performance. The rather sudden departure of its CFO is also a possible red flag.

Technically, momentum oscillators continue to trend downwards. The breaking of the rising 50d MA to the downside in yesterday’s session was a bearish signal. Today, that signal was confirmed as a doji was formed below the 50d MA.

With momentum weakening and signs of distribution, we could see a lowering share price over time and the longer term 100d and 200d MAs tested for support. These are at 58c and 57c respectively.

There …