Singapore Press Holdings   Paywall, Donations Publishing Newspaper

I think I don’t want to talk too much about the news that SPH is trying to spin off its property assets into a new REIT.

We all know that this is in the works. Free up more cash, charge management fees, then use cash flow from newspaper publishing to create more.

I also talk enough about the readership and the sustainability of the dividends in the past and an explanation by Buffett on why localized newspaper content still make sense.

Essentially, I am still rather pissed by a national news publication read by so many people for being very bias towards a certain political party.

I will much rather leave my readers with some articles to brainstorm about the viability of SPH’s newspaper business.

Paywall versus Free

Felix Salmon at Reuters wrote a very good 2 part article on Content Economics

For those interested in how content monetization …