On 19 Feb 2013, we discussed about Wilmar with the opinion that a move below 3.580 – 3.600 will see the possibility of a further fullback to 3.350 – 3.400. The closing price of Wilmar on 18 Feb 2013 was 3.650. For the past three trading day, it was mainly ranging between 3.310 – 3.400.

Now it is wait to see which is the possible two paths that may be in play as per our discussion on 26 Feb 2013
Putting everything into perspective, I have the opinion of four possible paths that may be in play:
(1) A move below 3.200 will suggest the possibility of testing 2.300 – 2.410, which may coincide with the Median Line of downtrend Andrew’s Pitchfork. A break below the Median Line will suggest further downside. This path may be invalidated when Wilmar breaks …