Apples share buyback boost only make sense if its value is intact $AAPL

Apple boosted their share buyback program from 10 billion to 50 billion but investors have to see if fundamentals are still intact.

I am invested in Apple, but not by a lot. The thing that I have been debating is whether their model weathers them better from market cycle and the premium for having a culture focus on customer centric products protects margins and maintains a moat.

I guess I have to say I made an error here. Perhaps my estimation of forward earnings is not conservative enough, hence the average price of $520 looks rather high.

I failed to estimate conservatively and I am paying the price for it.

Quarter results

The quarter results show that Apple have margin compression from 47.5% to 37.5%. It is a massive drop, but the margins is still very respectable for a consumer retail seller.

Quarterly income comes in at 9….