Nera Telecommunications reported their Q1 2013 results under their new management team which saw their overall profits for the quarter drop below the S$6m mark.


Revenue for the quarter dropped from S$43.5m to S$36.4m due to decline in their “Telecommunication” business segment. The decline was mainly attributed to lower sales of their microwave radio equipment and Satellite equipment in the Asia Pacific and Middle-East/N. Africa markets. There was also a delay in projects related to their network infrastructure equipment that resulted in lower revenue for the quarter.
The good news however, is that gross margin has improved from 35.5% to 41.6% in both the “Telecommunication” and “Infocomm” business segment due to more competitive sales mix-in products and services. Operating and other admin expenses increase marginally year on year.
Earnings per share (EPS) has dropped from 1.79 cents to 1.62 cents this quarter.
  • Healthy balance sheet – …