So how does it feel to sleep for 7 hours a night for 10 consecutive nights?

I conducted my second LifeTest to see if consistently sleeping 7 hours a night would dramatically increase my mood, productivity, and overall awesomeness. (The original challenge was for 7 nights, but I later increased it to 10 just because I’m awesome like that). You can check out the full objectives of the LifeTest here, and the detailed log here.

I got pretty surprised by the outcome of this LifeTest – it totally didn’t turn out the way I expected, but I did get some cool perspectives:

Sleep Isn’t a Panacea

Here’s the biggie: Sufficient sleep might prevent your day from being crappy by default, but it doesn’t automatically change your day from crappy to awesome.

I was totally expecting sleep to automatically boost my productivity and mood… except that it didn’t. On …